4 Essential Things That Will Help You Ace Any Test

Tests are a part of every student’s life. They are a necessary evil. They might not be enjoyable but are extremely important nevertheless. It is these tests and the grades that you secure in the tests that determine your future and the course of your life. Hence, it is important to accept this fact and learn to prepare and ace tests. Let us now take a look at 4 essential things that will help you ace any test that you might need to take.


They say ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. This is true in the case of taking tests too. Fear and panic can negatively impact your performance in any test, whereas confidence boosts it. Familiarity is the best tool to give yourself confidence. If you keep doing a thing often enough you will become familiar with it and that, in turn, will give you confidence.  For taking tests, familiarity and thus confidence can arise only from constant practice. Be sure to take several mock tests to give yourself that feeling of familiarity when you do take the actual test.


To achieve anything in life it is essential to have a strategy. Taking a test is no different. Once you practice, you will be able to see your shortcomings and strengths. This will enable you to form a comprehensive strategy about which questions to concentrate first and which ones to leave it for if there’s enough time in the end. This time-management strategy is extremely crucial for any test. Without such a strategy, you might find yourself struggling to even complete half the test in the allotted time period.

Smart Tools:

The use of smart tools such as mnemonics, mind maps and stories will enable you to remember highly complex things and reproduce it with ease during the test. Extremely difficult things such as the elements of the periodic table in Chemistry can also be memorized with the help of stories as we see in the picture above. Hence, with the aid of such smart tools, you will be able to ace any test that you take.

Backup Plan:

In any test, just as in life, it is extremely important to have a backup plan. Do you need to write several essays during a test? Be sure to carry a spare pen. What do you do if your time management strategy doesn’t seem to be working? Switch to a backup strategy, of course!

Why Playing To Your Strengths Is Important When Choosing AP Tests

AP Tests are an important juncture in the lives of all students. These tests and their grades determine which course and college one will be pursuing after completing their schooling. However, choosing the right mix of tests that one will be attempting is an even more crucial task because, with these subjects, one will essentially be choosing their education, line of work and future career.

Choosing a balanced mix of courses is always highly recommended when it comes to tackling AP tests. If all that mattered was the grade numbers, everyone would be taking only the easiest subjects. It is the fact that the difficulty and relevance of the subject to the course you aim to get admitted to in college matter that makes choosing the right tests extremely important. However, one should not simply choose only the subjects that are relevant to the course that they sim to get into. After all, no course is isolated. Similarly, a good professional is supposed to excel at several aspects. Hence, one should always pick courses from a wide variety of topics.

The fact that we need to pick a variety of topics for the AP tests gives us room to play it smart. Let us understand this with an example. Let’s say we aim to get into med school. This means that the relevant subject AP Biology is a must for us. This is one of the most difficult tests to ace and requires whole-hearted preparation throughout the year. Biology involves not only understanding the thousands of different process that take place inside living organisms, but also the names of several hundred different species of plants and animals that inhabit this planet.

Med schools also require students to be proficient in Chemistry. This makes AP Chemistry a must. AP Chemistry is almost as tough to ace as AP Biology. This makes two extremely hard subjects that will involve several hours of classes and study each week.

With such tight schedules, it would not be wise to take subjects such as AP Calculus or AP World History. These will add to the workload and cause your grades to suffer. Hence, the wise choice would be to opt for topics that you are already really strong in. If you are of Chinese origin, you can simply opt for AP Chinese Language and self-study it as per your convenience. Similarly, you could also take AP English Literature. You can read the prescribed books at leisure as per your convenience without fretting too much. These will enable you to completely concentrate on your main subject at hand – AP Biology and AP Chemistry.